Project Description

Project Details

Funding project:

ECHORD++ Experiment Call 1

Experiment Type:

General Purpose Robotic Co-Workers

Funding Program:

EU FP7 Grant Agreement 601116


May 2015 - October 2016

Project Objectives

The Flooring Fellow (2F) experiment aims at introducing robotics in construction yards by developing a co-working robot for a specific function related to floor building: grout removing and floor cleaning with acid. The 2F approach starts from consolidated research and industry know how in mobile robotics and construction equipment to design and develop a standard mobile robot endowed with tools commonly used in the building site sector to perform the requested task. The ultimate goal of the 2F experiment is to develop a new product for the building sector that will be introduced to the market in the next years.

2F Schema

The use of 2F will impact directly on the entire working cycle related to the flooring realization and the developed co-working robot, together with related accessory range, will increase safety, ergonomics, and eco-sustainability during the specific working phases. More specifically the expected impact is the reduction of construction workers labour time and cost and the reduction of construction worker hazards and risks (noise, vibration and electric shock).