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ROBOTECH was founded in 2004 by Nicola Canelli, at that time a research assistant at the ARTS Lab at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa (now the Institute of Biorobotics) and now CEO of the company, and Cecilia Laschi, who was a researcher in the same laboratory and is now a full professor of Biorobotics. The idea, the project and the launch of ROBOTECH, starts from the encounter between research and the market; between innovative ability and desire to do business; between acquired knowledge and technology transfer. Between academia and industry.


Today the ROBOTECH team, highly qualified and dedicated to collaboration, has the wide range of skills necessary to respond effectively to the two main market demands: innovation and integration.

Nicola Canelli
Nicola Canelli
Biomedical electronics engineer.

Founder member and CEO of ROBOTECH. Establishes guidelines for the company, following democratic consultation. In his spare time he goes back to SMD soldering, to relax.

Cecilia Laschi
Cecilia Laschi
Computer scientist with a PhD in robotics.

Founder member of ROBOTECH and Professor of Biorobotics at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa. From her vantage point she keeps us at the forefront of current research trends in robotics.

Giancarlo Teti R&D manager
Giancarlo Teti
Computer scientist with a PhD in biomedical robotics.

R&D Manager since ROBOTECH was founded. Responsible for the technical and financial management of European research projects. Develops all types of software and makes photographic records of our work where required.

Paolo Messina
Paolo Messina
Computer engineer.

Technical Manager since ROBOTECH was founded. Develops firmware for microcontrollers and software in Windows and Linux environments. He has also become highly experienced in electronics design, which however remains Luca’s undisputed domain.

Luca Volpi
Luca Volpi
Electronics engineer.

With ROBOTECH since 2011. Mainly handles electronics design and stylishly assembles circuit boards with SMD components. He also writes firmware alongside Paolo, but without stepping on his toes.

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Simplicity is ROBOTECH guiding philosophy.
Simplicity in the straightforward way we do business; simplicity in easily finding solutions to problems.
Whether we’re dealing with robotics or electronics, research or production, at ROBOTECH we can always count on the professionalism and experience of our staff, and on the co-operation and support of our valued partners: both the laboratories and research centres that we work with and the companies and professionals who work in sectors alongside our own; the global landscape is full of potential collaborators, and ROBOTECH can work as a team with them.