ROBOTECH is service robotics and electronics design.

impresa spin off scuola superiore sant'anna
ROBOTECH is an academic spin-off company of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna.

Founded in 2004 as a spin-off company of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (public university in Pisa), namely of the formerly known ARTS Lab (now Institute of Biorobotics) led by prof. Paolo Dario, ROBOTECH combines expertise and passion for robotics, automation and electronics, for the purposes of both education and entertainment (edutainment) and for domestic and professional applications, but always geared towards improving and optimising the interaction between man and machines.
ROBOTECH is a member of the club of spin-off companies of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, and the first company to be established in the business incubator of Peccioli municipality.

iDroid DeAgostini
ROBOTECH is educational and entertainment robotics.

ROBOTECH debut was the launch of a humanoid robot designed and created for the commercial market: the i-Droid 01 by De Agostini, which perfectly embodies the company edutainment spirit, with business and culture in mind.
Not surprisingly, the company was voted best european performer in ‘technology transfer’ for this product.
Since then robotech has developed many other projects, with the same aim of applying the expertise of its founders and researchers in bioengineering, biorobotics, biomedical robotics, humanoid robotics and personal robotics to the market for personal and business use.

Dustcart a Peccioli
ROBOTECH is service robotics.

ROBOTECH holds the world record for developing the first completely autonomous system for urban door-to-door garbage collection with real users: the Dustcart robot; one of the italian innovations selected for expo 2010 in Shanghai.
ROBOTECH designs and develops service robots for a variety of applications, such as the Dustclean robot for automatic street sweeping (another italian innovation selected for expo 2010 in Shanghai and finalist at the Living Labs Global Award in 2012) and the Hydronet robot for water monitoring (which was tested during the salvage operation for the wreck of the Costa Concordia).

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ROBOTECH is voice recognition and custom electronics.

In the pure electronics field, robotech has extensive expertise in voice recognition in the most common languages for every type of product, from toy robots to service robots, and including domestic appliances and vehicles. ROBOTECH is the sole european design house of Sensory, the leading provider of embedded voice recognition solutions, and its commercial products appear under the Veear brand.
ROBOTECH also has years of experience in the development of electronics and embedded systems, both for its own products and on behalf of its clients, bringing ideas from conception through design to the building of prototypes and testing on the field, and all the way to production if required.

ROBOTECH is research, know how, passion.

A ROBOTECH client can be anyone who has an electronic or mechatronic/robotic project to develop; ROBOTECH has the expertise, reliability, speed and passion to design, prototype, test and engineer totally customised products. The close-knit and highly specialised ROBOTECH team has developed and honed its skills over time, and can interpret customer requirements, combining functionality and robustness with an economically sound product.

ROBOTECH is so much more, at your service.

After ten years we can say that. We are experts in inventing innovative solutions. We are experts in combining quality and cost. We are experts in listening, understanding and implementing the most diverse and detailed requirements of our clients.


We are also accurate and precise, and have fun in everything we do!