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The DustClean robot consists in a four wheels mobile base, two wheels actuated, equipped with:
– two frontal rotating brushes for conveying garbage in the central part of the robot; an actuated mechanical system allow to open/close and lift up/down the frontal brushes.
– a central brush rotating in the opposite direction of the robot motion for collecting the garbage from the ground; an actuated mechanical system allow to lift up/down the central brush;
– a garbage container, placed in the rear part of the robot to store the garbage collected. The bottom of the container can be opened/closed automatically to discharge the garbage.
– a water tank and a spry system placed on the frontal brushes for spraying water for dust abatement.
– on-board computer, navigation sensors (laser, ultrasonic sensors and GPS), control system, and software for autonomous navigation.
The robot can be controller and monitored from Smartphone, Tablet or PC.

Technical specifications
Dimensions (l x w x h) 1.651 x 1.123 x 1.060 m
Weight ~ 150 kg
Implementation 2 Swissdrive 400 T hub motor by Micro-Motor AG, 24 VDC, 400W
Navigation speed Typical: 3 km/h, 0.83 m/s – Max: 3 km/h, 0.83 m/s
Sweep speed Typical: 0.25 m/s – Max: 0.5 m/s
Maximum slope 20%
Productivity 200 m2/h
Localization System Novatel FLEX6-D2L-R0G-TTR (GPS)
FLEX6-D2S-Z00-00N (align unit)
Antenna Novatel GPS-702-GG
Localization system accuracy Posizione < 3 cm, Heading < 0.1° (con correzione NTRIP applicata e sufficienti satellite visibili)
Obstacle detection system Hokuyo UTM-30LX Laser scanner and US/LIDAR sensors
Obstacles detection distance 0.1 – 30m
Power 24 VDC
Batteries AGM batteries 2 x 12V 100Ah
Battery life about 10h, Charging time: about 6 ore
Container dimensions (l x w x h) 50 x 30 x 25 cm (37 l)
On board PC ECS-7101, CPU INTEL Celeron 1020E 2.20GHz 2M, DDR3 Sodimm 4096MB 1600MHz, HDD 2.5″ 320GB SATA 5400 rpm
Navigation Software ROS-based autonomous navigation with obstacle avoidance


DustClean is a road sweeping robot designed and developed by ROBOTECH in the research projects DustBot, funded by the European Commission in the sixth framework programme (FP6-045299, 2006-2009), and ROBOSWEEP, funded by the Tuscany Region (Bando Unico 2012).

Dustcelan is an autonomous mobile robot equipped with brushes and container for sweeping and collecting garbagefrom the ground and designed for the cleaning of urban pedestrian areas, such as parks, roads and squares, or outdoor areas of industrial plants, such as sheeds and parkings.

DustClean is able to operate autonomously and safely using preloaded information on the environment, such as the map of the area, and information coming from the on-board sensors. The robot is able to follow a working path planned autonomously or defined by a user, avoiding hitting obstacles during navigation.